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Research Requests

Organizations, government entities, and individuals associated with a research institution may request access to student data or conduct scholarly research on-site. Those who are pursuing an advanced degree are usually required to conduct such research or analyze existing data as part of their program. This could include a dissertation, thesis, action research, or similar scholarly activity. All requests of this type must have district-level approval through a formal application and vetting process.

If you are a Flagler Schools employee and need to conduct research on behalf of, or as a requirement of an organization or institution, you must still review the steps below and submit the appropriate documentation.

External Data Sources

Please check these publicly available data sources for the information you need before completing the application to conduct research.

Flagler Schools
Florida Department of Education
National Center for Education Statistics

Graduate Student Request for a Course Assignment

Employees of Flagler Schools who are taking graduate-level courses and need to collect data (either as an extract or as part of an on-site activity) may qualify for an expedited request application in these circumstances.

This expedited request only applies to course assignments. No part of the collected data or resulting work can be used or referenced in formal research such as a thesis, dissertation, program capstone project, or publication.

For more information on this restricted and limited-use case, please contact the Coordinator of Assessment and Accountability.

Research Request Application Review Process

The following procedures will be used when processing an application to conduct research on-site or for a data request. A researcher may “appeal” a denied request by submitting a new application that addresses any noted deficiencies. This new application will be processed by the committee for a new total score and determination.
  • Researcher submits the completed application and notarized affirmation form must be submitted to the district Coordinator of Assessment and Accountability. The application must include an official organization email address and names of the principal investigator or chair.
  • Researcher submits, in addition to the forms above, the following supporting documentation:
    • Dissertation/thesis prospectus or proposal that includes a methodology section
    • Official Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval letter
    • Official correspondence from the Principal Investigator or Chair stating data collection can start
    • A copy of all instruments to be used (including surveys, questionnaires, forms, permission slips, etc.)
  • The Flagler Schools Research Oversight Committee (FSROC) meets to review and discuss the request.
  • The FSROC members will collectively score the application and make a determination. Scoring will use the Research Oversight Committee Evaluation Rubric to calculate a total score. Total scores less than 33 will be automatically denied. For on-site data collection requests, the school principal has final authority to approve or deny applications.
  • A final determination letter will be sent to the researcher and school principal (if appropriate) that outlines the committee’s decision. At the discretion of the committee, comments may be provided with the determination.


Please be advised of the following timetables:

  • There is a minimum two-week turnaround time for applications to make it through this process and a determination to be issued.
  • There is an additional minimum two-week processing time before data requests are fully delivered after determination.
  • Researchers have 18 months from the date of determination to complete data collection. If additional time is required, a new application must be submitted.