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Celebrate Literacy Week 2023

Celebrate Literacy Week 2023

Flagler Schools is excited to participate in the 15th annual Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! January 23–27, 2023. This statewide event is intended to raise awareness about the importance of reading and inspire students and families to make reading part of their daily routines.

This year's theme is "Take a Deep Dive Into Literacy—Splash Into New Worlds!" With this theme in mind, all of our students will participate in a variety of fun activities during the school day to deepen their knowledge and instill a love of reading. 

Literacy Week Activities

The following list is a sampling of activities from across our district.

  • Solve sea animal word puzzles and Mad Libs
  • Create your own ocean animal comic
  • Read “Under the Sea” with flashlights
  • Research ocean animals with Gale
  • Dress up as an idiom
  • Read and write a poem inspired by the water
  • Visit elementary schools to read aloud
  • Dress as a pun, idiom, cliche, or another figurative language term
  • Campaign to raise awareness of an endangered or invasive marine species
  • Dress up as a section or genre of the library
  • Illustrate, demonstrate or depict one or more marine biology or environmental science vocabulary word on social media
  • Attend a writing workshop with a visiting author
  • Dress up as your favorite book character
  • Present at an open mic luncheon
  • Create kindness stones

To find out how your school is honoring Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida!, visit the "School News" page on the school's website.

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