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Certification Renewal

Employees who are currently employed with Flagler Schools must apply for certification renewal online with the FLDOE’s Bureau of Educator Certification. Please be sure to indicate Flagler #18 as your district affiliation. Please visit the FLDOE website for instructions about how to use the Bureau of Educator Certification Online Licensing Service.

Professional Certification Methods of Renewal

  • Two or fewer subjects require a minimum of 120 total points for renewal of both subject areas, including 20 ESE in-service points for teaching students with disabilities.
  • Three or more subjects require renewal of all subjects. Each subject requires 60 points. Each renewal requires a minimum of 120 points, including 20 ESE in-service points for teaching students with disabilities.

Note: Endorsements do not require renewal

Alternative Methods Equivalent to 60 In-Service Points
  • Retaking and passing the subject area exam in your certified area during the validity period.
  • A three-semester hour course from an accredited college or university in Education or any subject in which the state offers certification.
  • National Board Certification may be used for renewal as long as it is valid during the validity period of the Florida certificate.

If you require further assistance with the renewal application process, please view the step-by-step instructions on the FLDOE website.

  1. Visit the FLDOE Online Licensing Service website.
  2. If you have previously created an online account with the FLDOE, sign in using your user ID and password.
  3. If you have not created an account in the FLDOE Online Licensing Service:
    • Click "begin here for sign-up" to create a new online user account and retrieve your temporary password sent via email.
    • Enter your user ID and password, then click "sign-in" to access the secure site.
    • Once successfully signed in, educators will be prompted to complete an Initial Onboarding process to match their account to existing Florida certification records. A social security number and date of birth are required to complete the onboarding process.
  4. The Quick Start Menu provides a choice of options based on the current Florida certification record.
  5. Choose the application option "Five-Year Renewable Professional Renewal Application."
  6. Complete the application by entering your information as requested in each of the application sections.
  7. Verify and attest via affidavit that the information you enter is true, accurate, and complete.