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Resiliency Education

The State Board of Education requires instruction in child trafficking prevention and substance abuse education for students in grades K-12. Students in grades 6-12 are also required to receive five hours of resiliency instruction every year. The State of Florida has provided districts with required Resiliency Education topics that MUST be taught to students in grades 6 - 12. These topics in the area of Civic & Character Education and Life Skills Education build confidence and support mental health to develop and prepare you to become more resilient students.

Materials Preview

How to Access EverFi Lessons: Go to and enter the registration code listed below for the desired grade level and follow the directions to set up an account.  This will give you access to the student view of materials.  Once inside the EverFi dashboard, to view an additional grade level’s content, use the registration code listed below for desired grade level and click the green “Add Course” button.

Flagler Schools 2024 Mental Health Education Overview Video