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Home Education, PEP, or Private Schools

Participation in the statewide assessment program is optional for students in home education, PEP, or private schools. Students enrolled in these programs cannot participate in local assessments, including those purchased, administered through a vendor, or created by Flagler Schools.


Students must register with the Student Services Department before they can sit for any test administration. Student information will be collected as required by the testing platforms. This may include name, date of birth, address, grade-level, race or ethnicity, social security number, parent content information, immunization information, and exceptionality or accommodation information.

Students enrolled in these programs who are also taking FLVS courses must register with the Student Services Department. The registration deadlines below apply. FLVS will not coordinate testing with students or Flagler Schools staff.

Registration Deadlines

Students enrolled in these programs must register for state assessments as outlined in the table below.

Assessment  Assessment Season  Registration Deadline
Algebra I EOC
Geometry EOC
Biology EOC
Civics EOC
US History EOC
August 31/
March 1

ELA (Grades 3–10)
Math Non-EOC (Grades 3–8)
Science Non-EOC (Grades 5 or 8)

Spring Only March 1

There is a $15.00 charge, made payable to the school.

Fall Only August 31

Policies and Procedures

Parents or guardians of students enrolled in these programs agree to the following if they are going to participate in the statewide assessment program:

  • If testing accommodations are needed, a copy of the student's most recent IEP or 504 Plan is required. Flagler Schools cannot advocate for accommodations on the student's behalf.

  • All state tests are administered at the student's home-zoned school. Tests are ordered, scheduled, and administered based on the information given by the parent/guardian to the Student Services Department during registration.
  • The administering school will contact registered students with the details of the test administration, including the date, time, and location. On the day of testing, students must present a photo ID for admission into the school.
  • Students cannot bring any materials with them. This includes: bookbags, writing utensils, computers, food, drinks, or books/papers. The only exceptions are student-required devices for accommodations (must be pre-approved) and student ID credentials.
  • Parents are responsible for transportation. Failure to show may result in forfeiture of the opportunity to sit for the test. If the student cannot make the appointment, they should contact the school immediately.
  • Students must remain for the full duration of the session; even if a student finishes the test, they cannot leave the session until time is called by the test administrator or proctor.
  • Testing is provided as a courtesy; alternative testing days may not be available beyond the initial given testing date and time. It is the responsibility of the student and guardian to arrive on-time per school check-in procedures; late admittance may not be available.