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Substitute Teaching

Flagler Schools is looking for substitute teachers and paraprofessionals to help ensure consistent, high-quality instruction in our schools.

Substituting is an excellent way to learn about our schools while allowing principals, teachers, and staff to get to know you. It is also a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in a flexible work schedule. Substitute teachers can often choose to work part-time or accept long-term openings that become available.
Candidates with prior teaching experience who have worked with children in a classroom setting are preferred. Please note that the submission of an application does not guarantee employment.

Application requirements

  • Associate degree or higher
  • Florida Teacher Certification (if applicable)
  • 60+ college credits, or AA degree, or a passing paraprofessional test

Application and Hiring Process for Substitute Teachers and Substitute Paraprofessionals

Submit an Online Application

You must apply for a Substitute Teacher or Substitute Paraprofessional job posting by following the instructions on the Apply for a Job page.

Please be sure that the references provided on the application are professional references, which include supervisors and co-workers. Family members and friends are not acceptable references. If you are an intern or recent graduate, an Intern Coordinator/Supervisor or Professor are acceptable references.

Substitute Online Training Course

If you are selected after your application has been reviewed, you will be contacted by the Flagler Schools Substitute Specialist. You will receive an email with instructions for completing the Substitute Online Training Course.

Official Transcripts

After passing the Substitute Online Training Course, your official transcripts must be submitted to the Human Resources (HR) Department.

Substitute Teachers: Transcripts must indicate that an associate degree or higher has been earned.

Substitute Paraprofessionals: Transcripts must indicate that 60 semester hours of coursework have been completed, or an AA degree, or evidence of having passed a paraprofessional test.

If your degree was earned outside of the United States, you must provide an evaluation of your degree.

Transcripts can be hand-delivered or mailed to:
Flagler Schools, HR Department
1769 East Moody Blvd., Bldg. #2
Bunnell, FL 32110

Fingerprinting and Background Screening

After passing the Substitute Teacher Online Training Course, you will receive a second email with instructions to schedule an appointment for a background screening, which includes fingerprinting. Registration and payment for the background screening may be completed in the HR Department offices. The fee is $51.25, and payment by credit/debit card or money order is accepted.

Drug Screening

A drug screening authorization form will be provided by the HR Department. The fee for the drug screening is $35.00. Please bring the following required documents to your drug screening appointment:

  • Current driver’s license or passport
  • Original Social Security card (if you don’t have a social security card you can apply for one at the Social Security Administration office)
  • Voided check or direct deposit letter from your bank that includes your routing and account number (paychecks are direct deposit only)

If you do not have all documents at the time of your scheduled appointment, you will be rescheduled.

Substitute New Hire Packet

The Substitute New Hire Packet will be provided by the HR department and includes required reading that must be completed.


Once all of the required steps have been completed and fingerprint and drug screening clearance have been received by the HR Department, you will receive a third email informing you that you are cleared to work. At that time, you may visit the HR Department to obtain your substitute ID badge and AESOP login credentials.