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School Choice

School choice gives families the opportunity to be involved in selecting the school their child will attend and to explore options outside of their attendance area zone. Flagler Schools uses school choice as a strategy to ensure that students receive the education that best meets their needs.

School Choice Options

Families should consider the possible consequences of changing schools. In some cases, academic credit and athletic eligibility may be impacted, particularly for middle and high school students. Academic concerns should be discussed with the school counselor, and athletic concerns should be discussed with the athletic director.

Controlled Open Enrollment (COE) 2023–24 School Year

COE Applications for the 2023–24 School Year will be accepted from March 1–March 31, 2023.

Pursuant to HB 7029, 1002.31 F.S., Florida students have school choice options available to them through a process called Controlled Open Enrollment (COE). The goal of COE is to promote family involvement and ensure that students have access to a school that meets their needs. Students can request a transfer to a school that is not their zoned school, including public schools in other counties.

A list of schools accepting COE students will be released each year. Parents will fill out an application for each school they would like their child to attend during the application window. During the annual COE period, families can apply for placement in any school in the state that has not reached capacity and still has seats available. All Controlled Open Enrollment requests for Flagler Schools will be monitored for class size as per Florida’s Constitutional Amendment. Schools that are labeled “Frozen Due to Capacity” have reached their total permanent capacity.

Transfers are granted through completion of the highest grade at the school. IEP requirements cannot be guaranteed for students accepting a transfer through COE.

Students who reside in Flagler County, and were granted Controlled Open Enrollment in a previous year, do not need to reapply annually as long as they are staying in the same Flagler County school. Out-of-county residents must apply annually. Please submit a separate application for each student.

Submission of this application does not guarantee acceptance. 


Program of Choice, Hardship Waiver, and Employee Transfer Request applications are ongoing throughout the school year. Controlled Open Enrollment applications are accepted only during the annual enrollment period in the spring. A separate application should be submitted for each student.


Florida provides a variety of school choice options, which include K–12 scholarship programs. These scholarship programs allow families choice among public and private schools, empowering them to discover educational options that work best for their student. Please visit the School Choice Scholarships page for eligibility and application information.

School Choice Programs

  • Stewart B. McKinney-Bruce Vento Act
  • Every Student Succeeds Act
  • Virtual Programs
  • Dual Enrollment
  • Controlled School Choice for In-County Transfers
  • Controlled School Choice Plan for Out-of-County Transfers