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Free & Reduced Meals

Free and Reduced Price Meal applications do more than provide free or discounted meals. Every application also helps to determine state and federal funding for schools. Applications can also help provide discounts on technology and internet services, as well as making additional resources available for classrooms, teachers, and students.


In the following instances, household income is generally not a factor in determining benefits; however, other information may be needed to determining eligibility:
  • Foster children are eligible for free meals and may be included as a member of the foster family if the family chooses to also apply for benefits of other students. Including a foster child as a household member could help other students in the household qualify for meal benefits.
  • Students of households that receive SNAP, TANF, or FDPIR are eligible for free meals. Eligibility is extended to all students in the household when the application lists an assistance program case number for any household member.
  • WIC participants may be eligible for free or reduced meal benefits.
  • Homeless, migrant, or runaway students qualify for free meal benefits. To determine if one of these categories is applicable, please contact the Title I Department.

Once a determination of eligibility is made, benefits are good for the entire school year plus up to 30 operating days into the following school year. When the 30-day carry-over period ends, unless the household is notified that their students are directly certified or the household submits an application that is approved, students must pay full price for school meals.

Students of guardians who become unemployed may be eligible for meal benefits. Households may apply at any time throughout the year and may reapply if their situation changes.


No application is necessary if a household is notified by mail that all students have been directly certified. If you aren’t sure whether your students have been directly certified, please contact the Food Services Department at 386-437-7526 x1159.

If your student(s) are not directly certified, a Free and Reduced Price Meal Application is required. Applications can be submitted online using the SchoolCafé payment system. A student ID number is needed to sign up. This can be found in your Skyward account.

Applications can also be mailed, or completed in person. Only one application per household is required. Mailing Address: Flagler Schools Food Services Dept., 1769 East Moody Blvd., Bldg #2, Bunnell, FL 32110. 


The Department of Food and Nutrition Services reserves the right to verify the information on any application at any time during the school year.

Right to Appeal

You have the right to appeal the decision of the Department of Food and Nutrition Services with respect to the application process or the results of verification by contacting the Director of Food Services. In the event you wish to appeal to a higher level, you may contact the Flagler Schools Superintendent.
It’s important to note that the Income Eligibility Guidelines or federal rules pertaining to the program cannot be appealed or negotiated.

Income Eligibility Guidelines

Reduced Price Meal Income Eligibility: 7/1/22–6/30/23
  Gross Income
Household Size Annual Monthly Twice per Month Every Two Weeks Weekly
1 25,142 2,096 1,048 967 484
2 33,874 2,823 1,412 1,303 652
3 42,606 3,551 1,776 1,639 820
4 51,338 4,279 2,140 1,975 988
5 60,070 5,006 2,503 2,311 1,156
6 68,802 5,734 2,867 2,647 1,324
7 77,534 6,462 3,231 2,983 1,492
8 86,266 7,189 3,595 3,318 1,659
Ea. addtl. person, add 8,732 728 364 336 168
Free Meal Income Eligibility: 7/1/22–6/30/23
  Gross Income
Household Size Annual Monthly Twice per Month Every Two Weeks Weekly
1 17,667 1,473 737 680 340
2 23,803 1,984 992 916 458
3 29,939 2,495 1,248 1,152 576
4 36,075 3,007 1,504 1,388 694
5 42,211 3,518 1,759 1,624 812
6 48,347 4,029 2,015 1,860 930
7 54,843 4,541 2,271 2,096 1,048
8 60,619 5,052 2,526 2,332 1,166
Ea. addtl. person, add 6,136 512 256 236 118


The total income before taxes, social security, health benefits, union dues, or other deductions must be reported.

Flagler Schools is an Equal Opportunity Provider.