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Hot Topics

The Flagler County School Board is currently engaged in the review process of several significant subject areas, commonly referred to as "hot topics." This page serves as a concise and convenient resource to track the status of each issue. For further elaboration and contextualization of each topic, please consult BoardDocs and Board Meeting videos.

Code of Conduct graphic
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Flagler Schools updates its Student Code of Conduct annually based on statutory changes and stakeholder input. To collect input, a collaborative group of staff members and community resource personnel review Student Code of Conduct documents throughout the year, and a draft of proposed updates is provided for public feedback. Updates to the Code will are reviewed by the board before final approval.

Upcoming Meetings:

  • Board Information Workshop, 6/20/23
  • Board Agenda Workshop, 7/11/23
  • Board Meeting, 7/25/23

Next Steps: The board has given permission to advertise the Student Code of Conduct. A draft of the 2023–24 Code will be available for public feedback April 27–May 12, 2023 on the Let's Talk! platform.

News Item: Code of Student Conduct: Review for 2023–24

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The Aaron Feis Guardian Program was established in 2018 as part of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act. The program allows certain school staff to carry guns on school grounds to respond to potential threats. School districts can also choose to hire less-expensive armed guards instead of law enforcement or school resource officers to provide extra protection for students and staff.

Each district has the authority to decide certain details about the program, such as whether the Guardians will carry their guns visibly or concealed and whether they will wear uniforms. The program is also eligible for grant funding.

Flagler Schools is exploring the possibility of implementing this program.

Next Steps: Board Direction for moving forward with the Guardian Program

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