TRAIL Transition

Trail Transition

Transitioning Youth with Disabilities into Real Vocational Opportunities through Action Planning and Individualized Learning

The TRAIL Transition Program is an outcome oriented program whose focus is to assist Flagler County’s 18-22 year old persons with disabilities in finding meaningful, age appropriate vocational placements in our community while keeping in mind their unique learning styles and individual needs.

The TRAIL staff works with our young adults by assisting them with identifying their dreams and goals through a variety of functional academics and transition assessments including interest inventories, vocational assessments, self-determination scales and an individualized Action Plan. The TRAIL mission is to combine these functional academics with community based instruction in order to expose our participants to a variety of career choices while enhancing the skills necessary to become successful, independent and employed. The TRAIL vision is to prepare ALL of our young people for a seamless transition into the world of work and adult living.

Through the leadership, encouragement and support of the Flagler County Schools Superintendent, School Board, ESE Director and Student and Community Engagement Director, the TRAIL Transition Program has successfully placed 32 young people with disabilities in paid vocational positions allowing them to actively contribute to our Flagler Community. This year, the TRAIL has 30 young people returning. Of the returning TRAIL participants, 6 have maintained paid employment, 7 are successfully placed in the community and 15 are linked with supporting adult agencies and are ready to find individualized employment and/or placements.

At this time, the TRAIL Transition program has over 36 Community Business Partners providing TRAIL participants with vocational training sites, internships and paid positions. TRAIL participants receive the support of the TRAIL Team until they are ready to work independently. As our young people become more skilled at their positions and need less support from TRAIL job coaches, our program will place more students in community businesses that match their vocational interests and competencies. © 2019 Flagler County Public Schools.