Student Device Info

Student Device Info

Attention: Distribution dates are coming soon, please check back with us for distribution schedule. 

Flagler County Public Schools Vision for Digital Learning

The District will leverage the full range of technology and digital resources to guarantee that students are immersed in personalized, rigorous and relevant learning experiences that foster 21st-century skills across disciplines to ensure college and career readiness. In an effort to provide our students with the tools they need for the future, Flagler County Public Schools has implemented a Digital Learning Movement. 

Students using MacBooks

Devices and Chargers
Grades K-3: Devices and chargers will be distributed during the school day and remain in the classroom.

Grades 4-6: Devices and chargers will be distributed during the school day in the classroom. Students will be able to take the devices home once the required forms are completed and fees paid. It is strongly recommended that chargers stay at home.

Grades 7-12: Devices will be distributed annually. Chargers will be issued to new students entering a school and returned when the student leaves the school. It is strongly recommended that once chargers are issued, they stay at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When will devices be distributed?

Devices will be distributed to students at or before the beginning of the school year. Please see deployment dates for more information. 

If a student arrives after the beginning of the school year, they will need to complete the appropriate device loan form, pay the technology usage fee. After completing the form and paying online, the student may pick up a device at the school's technology office.

Q. What is the Annual Technology Fee?

Each school year there will be a non-refundable fee per student. This fee is used as part of the device repair and replacement program.

The Annual Technology Fee is $25 per student "Take-Home Device". Students that qualify for the National School Lunch program are eligible for a reduced Usage Fee of $10 for free lunch and $15 for reduced lunch.

Q. How do I pay the Annual Technology Fee?

The easiest way to pay the Technology Usage Fee is online. You may also pay the fee in person at the school. Preferred payment types are Credit Card, Debit Card or Cash.

Q. Do students have to be there to pick up the laptops or can a parent just go?

It is preferred that the student comes to pick up the laptop. They will have to log in to the laptop with their school user ID and password. If a student is unable to come in, the parent may also pick up the device. The parent will need to know the student's User ID and password.

Q. What forms are required to be filled out?

All forms may be completed online. Please visit the Device Loan Forms page for more information.

Q. What is a parent does not want the student device to come home?

The student devices are a valuable learning tool and it is highly encouraged for our students to fully participate in the 1:1 Digital Learning Movement. If a parent does not want their student to bring the device home they will need to complete the Student Day User/ Opt-Out Form online. Student day users will be issued a device to use only while on campus.

Q. If I do not have reliable internet access available at home, are there any programs available to help?

Yes, the District has teamed up with the Sprint 1 Million Project to offer FREE WiFi hotspots to eligible students. This program is only available for high school students and students must qualify for the National School Lunch program. To apply students need to complete this form (they must be signed into their school Google account to complete the form.) Please contact Teresa Phillips for any questions regarding this program.

Q. If my child already has their own personal device, do they need this one also?

Yes, the District supplied device will still be needed. Only District devices will be able to access the internet while on campus and some of the required classroom software will only be available on the supplied District device.

Q. I have heard parents can purchase the laptops after a student graduates, is this true?

District-owned devices will not be available for students or parents to purchase, but the School Board has discussed selling older surplus devices to graduating Seniors. To date, this has only been in discussion but stay tuned to the School Board's website for any updates on this topic.

Q. Will students be required to bring the device to class every day?

Students must bring their device to all classes, every day unless specifically instructed not to do so by their teacher.

Q. What if my child forgets to bring their device to school?

Students are expected to bring their fully charged devices to school every day. A limited number of devices may be available for checkout for the day.

Q. What if my child forgets to charge the battery?

A limited number of power outlets will be available in some classrooms.

Q. Will my child be issued the same device next year?

The District will make every attempt to issue the student the same device each year in grades 7-12. Please take care of your issued device.

Q. Where are the terms and conditions for the electronic device located?

The terms and conditions for the devices are located in the Digital Learning Handbook, located on the top of this page.

Q. How will Flagler Schools prevent access to inappropriate websites?

The student devices will include Internet content filtering software, which will limit access to inappropriate content, but there is no substitute for parental supervision when using a device to access the Internet.

Q. Will the parental control software be adjustable by the parents? If not may we add your own?

Currently, Internet filtering software will not be adjustable by parents. It is controlled by a server at the District Office. We are however working on a solution that would allow some flexibility in the filtering solution while the student is not on a school campus.

Additional filtering software will not be able to be installed on the District laptops, but we are working to allow students to request additional approved software to be installed on the laptops.

Q. Can I use the issued device for things not related to school?

It is expected that the use of the supplied device will be directly related to the assigned student’s education. The Digital Learning Handbook contains additional information related to appropriate use.

Q. Can students load software on the device?

Students have access to "Self Service" which provides the ability to add district pre-approved applications on a limited basis.

Q. What happens if the device is stolen?

A police report must be filed by the student or parent within 24 hours of the incident. The police report must be brought to the school principal by the next school day. If the police report is not delivered to school principal the parent will be responsible for the full replacement cost. The Digital Learning Handbook contains additional information related to devices that are stolen. © 2019 Flagler County Public Schools.