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Student DevicesFlagler Schools students are responsible at all times for their devices, whether on or off campus. The student assigned to the device is responsible for all use of the device. Devices left unattended will be secured by staff and may be taken to the Dean’s office for retrieval. Disciplinary action may be taken by school administration for repeat offenders.

A student who receives an iPad is required to keep the iPad in the Flagler
Schools provided protective case. 

A student who receives a MacBook is required to use the provided sleeve. Students may also choose to purchase a skin or shell for an additional layer of protection. Nothing that will damage the finish of the MacBook may be applied to the device, including stickers and drawing on the device. Students may be subject to a fine if the computer finish is damaged.

Device screens can be damaged if subjected to rough treatment. To avoid damage and costly fees, please adhere to the following rules:
  • Do not carry the device by the screen.
  • Do not lean on the screen. This includes both sides of the laptop screen.
  • Do not use sharp objects (pens, pencils, etc.) on the screen.
  • Clean the screen only with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Do not use Windex or other harsh chemicals to clean the screen.
  • Do not remove or damage the District BPI sticker on the bottom/back of the device.
  • Make sure the keyboard is free of items such as cords before closing the device.
  • When in the classroom, student devices should not be left on the floor and should be kept in a secure location when not in use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean your Apple device?

For instructions and tips for cleaning an apple device follow this Apple Guide

Do I need to bring my charger to school?
We highly recommend you leave your charger at home. If you charge your device each night, you will have plenty of power for the school day. If your battery seems to not last the day on a full charge, please see the school's tech.

What do I do if my device needs repair?
There is a School Tech onsite at each school. Students will need to bring the device to the school's tech office for repair. Please try to have as many details as possible regarding the issues you are seeing. Screenshots are a big help! If the device needs to be sent in for repair, a loaner will be issued.

Is there a fee for device repair?
Depending on the repairs needed, there may be a fee charged. Please reference the Technology Repair and Replacement Fee Schedule © 2022 Flagler Schools