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SkywardSkyward is the Flagler Schools Student Information System. Parent/guardians can obtain Skyward Family Access. This will allow parent/guardians to view grades, attendance, class schedules, information, and notifications with 24/7 access. Skyward Family Access can play a vital role in keeping parents "in the know" about their child and school.

How can families sign up for Skyward Family Access?
To obtain Skyward Family Access, the parent/guardian will need to see the registrar at their child's school to receive their Family Access User ID and Password. The parent/guardian will be required to show their photo ID to verify identity. Once you have access to one of your children, you will also have access to their siblings enrolled in Flagler County Schools. Skyward Family Access will continue to be available while your child is enrolled in Flagler Schools; there is no need to renew each year.

How do families access Skyward Family Access?
Parent/guardians may access Skyward Family Access. There is also a Skyward Family Access Mobile App available to allow for even easier access on your mobile device. (A username and password will be required. Parent/guardian usernames and passwords may be obtained from the school registrar.)

Is there a guide for using Skyward Family Access?
Yes, you can follow the instructions for using Skyward Family Access.

Schoology is Flagler School's Learning Management System. It is an online platform that teachers and students use during class. Course content and materials are easily shared and accessed by students. Students can participate in closed discussions, submit digital assignments, and complete online assessments.

How can parents/guardians view assignments, curriculum, and assessments on Schoology?
Parents/guardians can get access to Schoology. This access will allow parents to see course content, assignments their child submits via Schoology, and information in all of their child's courses. Simply ask your child's teacher for the parent code. Using this code, go to Schoology's website and create a parent account. Follow the directions in the Schoology Parent Access video below.

Securly Logo
Flagler Schools uses Securly to set internet filtering rules for school devices, but more importantly, we receive alerts for alarming online activities that point to self-harm and bullying. As a parent, you can use Securly to stay on top of your child’s online activity in real time from anywhere, with the SecurlyHome App
. You can use this online activity feed to open a dialogue with your child about their digital lives. Securly will also send you weekly email reports with a snapshot of your child’s internet activity. 

How do I get access to Securly?
Parents can access the Securly parent portal by signing in with their parent email associated with your student on Skyward. You can access the parent portal on the Securly website, or through the SecurlyHome app. Enter the parent email and select "Send Me a Link". Parents should also get a welcome email and weekly update sent to the parent email in Skyward.

What if my email is not recognized?
If you attempt to log in and your parent email is not recognized, we will need to update your parent email in Skyward. This can be done at your student's school or complete the Request Securly Parent Portal Access form.

Where can I find more information?
View the Securly Parent Portal Frequently Asked Questions, and  view an Instructional Overview Video of Securly Home. © 2022 Flagler Schools