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The Finance Department oversees the administration of budgetary and fiscal matters and procurement management of the District under the guidance of a Chief Financial Officer. Our goal is to provide equitable, effective, and efficient use of resources. We strive to ensure that the use of district funds is transparent, strategic, and aligned. We also distribute district-wide programs and resources in an equitable manner to support the academic need of all students, teachers, and staff.


The mission of the Procurement Department is to procure quality goods and services at the lowest possible cost consistent with the quality needed to provide the very best service to the district while ensuring fair and equal opportunity to all qualified vendors.

The Procurement Division is responsible for establishing procurement policies and coordinating the procurement procedures for the district. The department provides support for all departments as well as contracting for the purchase of supplies and services exceeding the threshold for formal solicitation. Procurement is responsible for guarding against unethical or discriminatory practices in bidding or procurement activities, as well as ensuring fair and open competition for vendors.

Contact Us

Phone: 386-437-7526

  • Accounting: x1314
  • Accounts Payable: x1298
  • Grants Management: x1134
  • Purchasing: 1131

Patty Wormeck

Chief Financial Officer


Keri Whitmore

Director of Finance


Abigail Brock

Coordinator of Purchasing


Doris Kastanek

Position Control Coordinator

386-586-2391 x1166