Messages From Superintendent

Messages From Superintendent

Superintendent Message—May 2021

As the 2020-2021 school year comes to a close, we can’t help but take a look back at one of the most challenging years ever seen in education. What we have been through will impact us all for years to come. However, we cannot have the mindset of “I can’t wait for things to go back to the way they were.” To do that would mean we haven’t learned from the experiences of this past year.

First, I want to give my sincere thanks and gratitude to all our teachers, staff, and administrators. What you have done to stand up three distinct learning lanes, keeping our schools and buses clean and safe, while ensuring our students get the best education they can has not gone unnoticed. I know most of you are physically, mentally, and emotionally drained after this school year. I encourage you to take some well-deserved time for yourself this summer. 

Second, thank you to our students and Flagler Schools families. Our district joined every school district across the country to figure out the best way to provide a quality education for every student, whether they were physically on campus or taking part via a remote-live or virtual platform. This was not easy for anyone. Your continued feedback throughout the year, as we attempted to address areas that needed improvement, will go a long way in helping us plan for any unexpected challenges we may face in the future.

Finally, I appreciate the Flagler County community. Local businesses, clubs, and organizations found ways to assist in our efforts.  From learning how to mentor students remotely, donating school supplies, and contributing financially for scholarships for our seniors, Flagler County has shown what a strong community can do to support our schools.

Beginning Monday, June 7th we will resume normal operating procedures. As previously announced, face coverings will be optional for students and staff for our summer programs. Our daily COVID-19 dashboard will also be discontinued. As we have been since last March, we will be prepared to make any adjustments to our procedures, as needed.

We will mark the end of a successful school year by honoring our graduates in the Ocean Center on June 2nd.  Have a relaxing, fun, and safe summer!

Working Together,

Cathy Mittelstadt

Superintendent, Flagler Schools

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