Athletic Coaching Certification

The Florida Department of Education issues two types of Athletic Coaching Certificates, a Three-Year Temporary Certificate, and a Five-Year Certificate. The Three-Year Temporary Certificate is issued in order to give the applicant time to complete the requirements for the Five-Year Certificate. For individuals that hold a valid Florida Educator’s Certificate, an additional coaching certificate is not required by the state.

Who Needs an Athletic Coaching Certificate?
  • Coaches who are paid a coaching supplement, but do not hold a valid Temporary or Professional Educator Certificate. This includes cheerleading coaches if their assignment is a competitive sport.

  • Unpaid volunteer coaches who are employees of Flagler Schools, and do not hold a Temporary or Professional Certificate.

Three-Year Athletic Coaching Certificate
  • An application for an Athletic Coaching certificate must be submitted online. A fee of $75.00 must be paid with either a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card. To apply, please visit the FL Department of Education's Online Licensing Service page.

  • Fingerprint results no older than one year must be submitted. Current Flagler Schools employees who were previously printed, with fingerprints older than one year, will need to be reprinted at no expense for Flagler Schools. Please contact the Human Resources Department to verify the need for reprints.

  • Once your online application is processed, you will receive an email notification from the state with an issuance of the Official Statement of Eligibility letter. This letter will indicate your eligibility for a Three-Year Athletic Coaching Certificate, and the requirements for issuance of your Three-Year Temporary certificate.
Only one Three-Year Coaching Certificate may be issued to an individual. An individual may not re-apply for a new Three-Year Certificate, it is NOT renewable.

Five-Year Athletic Coaching Certificate

  • Requirements:
    • Completion of (3) three-hour courses in athletic coaching: Flagler Schools has entered into an agreement with the American Sport Education Program (ASEP) for access to an online training program to satisfy the nine semester hours required for the Five-Year Athletic Coaching Certificate.         

    • A valid CPR certificate issued by the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross: This requirement can be met locally, or through the Flagler Schools in-service program.
  • When requirements are complete, contact the Flagler Schools Certification Specialist to submit a copy of your certificate of completion for each requirement.

  • An application must be submitted online with a $75.00 payment and verification of completion of the above-mentioned course. To apply for a Five-Year Certificate online, please visit the FL Department of Education's Online Licensing Service page.
The Five-Year Athletic Coaching certificate must be renewed every five years by submitting an application and fee to the Department of Education

ASEP Online Courses
To sign up for ASEP courses, visit the Human Kinetics Coach Education Education Center website.

To satisfy the requirements for certification, you must select from the following course titles:
  • Sport First Aid: Three semester hours in the care and prevention of athletic injuries, and the dangers of drug use, including performance-enhancing drugs 

  • Coaching Principles: Three semester hours in coaching theory  

  • Theory and Practice of Coaching a Specific Sport: Three semester hours (choose one)
    • Coaching Baseball Technical and Tactical Skills or
    • Coaching Basketball Technical and Tactical Skills or
    • Coaching Football Technical and Tactical Skills
    • Coaching Cheerleading Principles
    • Coaching Golf Principles
    • Coaching Soccer Principles
    • Coaching Softball Technical and Tactical Skills
    • Coaching Strength and Conditioning Principles
    • Coaching Swimming Principles
    • Coaching Tennis Technical and Tactical Skills
    • Coaching Track and Field Principles
    • Coaching Volleyball Principles
    • Coaching Wrestling Principles 
Please Note: It is not necessary to complete a sport-specific course matching your assignment. ANY sport specific course will satisfy the requirement.

After selecting a course, be sure the menu indicates the organization requiring the course is “North East Florida Educational Consortium" (NEFEC). Upon completion of each course, a certificate of completion can be downloaded and printed.

ASEP Support
For questions about ASEP courses, please contact ASEP Customer Service at 800-747-5698, ext. 2980, or email [email protected]. Technical support is available from 7:00am CST to 5:00pm CST, Monday through Friday, except on major holidays.

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