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Exceptional Student Education

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Under the leadership of Dr. Timothy King, Flagler District ESE Department continues to push through barriers to ensure students with disabilities are provided the free and appropriate public education within the least restrictive environment. The district provides a variety of supports and services and focuses on a continuum of services to meet individual student needs.

Dr. King has nearly two decades of educational experience, from special education paraprofessional and campus advisor to district level administration. Throughout his career, Dr. King has been an advocate and leader for students with disabilities and a teacher of special education.

Dr. King received his B.S. in Special Education from the University of Central Florida, his M. Ed in Educational Leadership through Nova Southeastern University. In 2017, he completed his Doctorate in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Special Education through Nova Southeastern University. He holds certificates in Elementary Education, Special Education (K-12) and Principal/School leader (K-12).

By the numbers, Flagler Schools continue to grow. Flagler District Schools currently serves 13,027 students grades Pre-Kindergarten through 12th in 9 public schools. Within this population, 2131 students (14%) receive Exceptional Student Education services and supports. Students participating in classes with their non-disabled peers has increased to 85% across the district, with only 4% in resource settings and 12% in a classroom separate setting. Flagler continues to raise the bar to increase participation across a continuum of services and improve overall outcomes for all students with disabilities.

Key contacts below can be reached at (386) 586-2395

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