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VolunteerIn a continuing effort to provide safety and security to our students and staff, we require that you complete a School Volunteer Application if you plan to enter a Flagler Schools facility. This includes participation in activities such as field trips, book fairs, field days, as well as readers, tutors, mentors, etc.

There are many different ways you can volunteer in our schools, as shown on our Volunteer Clearance Procedures sheet. The clearance process can take two weeks or longer, depending upon volume. We suggest that you apply at the beginning of the school year, or well in advance of the event you would like to attend. Last minute applications may not be completed in time for your event. You must have an appointment to have your badge printed. Badges are issued Monday–Friday, by appointment only.

Overnight School Volunteer applications have a required fee of $23.95, to cover the cost of a 3D background check. There are special requirements for 3D clearance. Cash (exact amount) or checks (payable to Flagler Schools) will be accepted.

Steps to Become a Flagler Schools Volunteer

Step 1:
Complete the School Volunteer Application

Step 2: Email the School Volunteer Application form, as an attachment, to [email protected]. Hard copies of the application are located at each school’s main office and can be interoffice mailed to Shelley Martin, Flagler Schools Human Resources.

Step 3: Once your School Volunteer Application has cleared, Ms. Martin will contact you to schedule an appointment to get a badge. 

Volunteer Application Volunteer Clearance Procedures
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