Half-Cent Renewal

Students Using TechnologyIn 2002, the citizens of Flagler County approved a half-cent sales tax referendum to benefit Flagler Schools. Everyone who buys taxable goods in Flagler County, including visitors and residents, pays this sales tax. It amounts to ½ cent for every $1 spent, and is only collected on the first $5,000 of any purchase.

Since the referendum was first approved, Flagler County students have benefitted from the half-cent sales tax. The revenue enhances the educational experience by providing funding for instructional technology, safety, and security. It has allowed the district to purchase computers or iPads for every student, expand wireless access, and make remote learning possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Flagler Schools has placed the renewal of the half-cent sales tax on the November 8, 2022 ballot. This referendum is for renewal, not a tax increase. Voters will have the opportunity to once again prove that Flagler County supports investing in a high quality school system. A positive vote will continue the improvements seen over the past twenty years.

We thank the Flagler Community for their continued support of the half-cent sales tax for Flagler Schools. Because of you, our students have an exceptional educational advantage and are prepared for a bright future! 

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  • Instructional Technology: Teachers can utilize classroom technology to enhance instruction in the classroom.  

  • Safety and Security: Safety and security has increased on all of our buses and campuses.

  • Smart Collaborative Classrooms: Classrooms and labs have improved, and collaborative learning spaces have been created to support our classroom-to-career programs.

  • Student 1:1 Devices: All students have access to a dedicated device to use for learning.
    Network Infrastructure: All classrooms have wireless access and the robust infrastructure needed to support digital learning.

  • Operational Efficiency: We will be able to continue our energy saving initiatives we’ve begun to include HVAC and energy management. This will allow us to keep our transportation fleet updated so our students can get to and from school safely, in a timely manner, and on the most energy efficient buses we can get. 

  • Advancement Opportunities: Students are empowered to take advantage of accelerated learning opportunities such as dual enrollment, online courses, and certificate programs. 

Please visit our Let's Talk! page to submit any questions or concerns about Half-Cent sales tax renewal.
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