Exceptional Student Education

Exceptional Student Education (ESE) is the name given in Florida to educational programs and services for students with special learning needs. It includes students serviced under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and those who are gifted.

When a child is having difficulty in school, several kinds of help or interventions are attempted before an ESE evaluation is made. If the interventions are not successful, then the school and the parent will meet to discuss the options of evaluation. The evaluation will only happen with parent consent. In order to be eligible for ESE programs and services, a student must meet all requirements listed on the Florida Department of Education's ESE Eligibility page for a specific disability. 

At Flagler Schools we are determined to identify and meet the unique educational needs of exceptional students and to provide the necessary support and resources needed to enhance educational opportunities, so that our students are able to become productive citizens.

Studies show that parent and caregiver involvement is a key component in a child's successful learning experience. Therefore in an effort to support your child's educational experience, we are providing our Flagler Schools ESE Parent Guide to better inform you about exceptional student education in our school community.

Flagler Schools ESE Parent Guide

School Based ESE Administrators
School  ESE Administrator Staffing Specialist
 Belle Terre Elementary School  Mike Rinaldi  Angela Creasy
 Bunnell Elementary School  Donelle Evenson
 Rosemarie Alfano
 Bunnell Elementary School: Pre-K  Janine Killmer  
 Old Kings Elementary School  Jessica Fries  Amy Hansen
 Rymfire Elementary School  Doug Glasco  Sara Casale
 Wadsworth Elementary School  Fred Terry  Gina Bauer
 Buddy Taylor Middle School  Toussaint Roberson  Alyeshia Ali
 Indian Trails Middle School  Amy Neuenfeldt  Suzanne Davis
 Flagler-Palm Coast High School  Nick Schell, Abra Seay  Kathy Monahan
 Matanzas High School  Sara Novak  Mary English
 iFlagler Virtual School  Tara Millette  Suzanne Davis

Transition Services and Programs
Transition services and programs are available to support Flagler County students with unique learning needs. "Transition" refers to a coordinated set of activities that help a student with a disability move from school to post-school life. Please visit the Transition Services and Programs page for information about each of these programs.

ESE Parent Advisory Council

Key contacts below can be reached at 386-586-2395

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