STREAM Courses

STREAMStructured Education Courses and Managed Care and Supports

STREAM courses are designed and implemented to support young people with disabilities, who have a desire to defer their high school diploma. IEP Teams have determined that these young people have a continued need for transition training, and require the constant supports and managed care only available through specially-designed “cluster” programs located at the student’s service high school.

IEP Teams make the determination on what each individual student’s STREAM course(s) will look like based on his/her transition needs. Based on each student’s individual transition needs, deferring students may take STREAM courses that include:
  • Career Experience (Community Based Vocational Education)
  • Transition Planning
  • Self Determination
  • Preparation for Adult Living
The goal of each series of on-campus STREAM courses is to assist young people with disabilities in becoming as independent as possible, and when appropriate, transitioning through other Flagler Schools Transition programs. For more information about deferring the high school diploma or the STREAM course option, please contact:

Flagler-Palm Coast High School: Nick Schell, Abra Seay
Matanzas High School:
 Sarah Novak 
Flagler Schools Transition Specialist: Lauren Marshall 386-446-6742 © 2022 Flagler Schools