School Board Meeting Change

School Board Meeting Change
Posted on 12/10/2021

At the December 7, 2021, School Board workshop, board members agreed to move the previously-scheduled December 21, 2021, Informational Workshop and Business Meeting to December 14, 2021. The reason for the change is the winter holiday break for Flagler Schools begins on December 20, 2021.

The Flagler County School Board and County Commission share the board chambers of the Government Services Building and the Flagler County Planning and Development Board is scheduled to hold its meeting in chambers on December 14, 2021, at 6:00 pm. Due to this conflict, the 6:00 pm School Board Business Meeting will be held in Training Room 3, which is the same location as the Board’s 1:00 pm Information Workshop. 

We will have limited space in the training room, so an overflow room will be established across the hallway in Training Room 3A. The workshop and meeting will be live-streamed so those in the overflow room can watch in real-time.

As a reminder, there is a new procedure for public comment at our School Board workshops and meetings. When a person signs up for public comment, they must reference a specific agenda item if they would like to be heard during the first public comment section of any workshop or meeting. If a person fails to choose a specific agenda item, they will be heard during the second public comment period. The second public comment period is agenda items or any other topic of concern.

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