Rezoning Maps

Zoning MapsThe rezoning maps display the current boundary adjustments being reviewed, which are subject to change throughout the rezoning process. The maps will be updated with revision options as the rezoning process progresses. We have utilized demographic software and geocoding of student residences. Mapping considerations include:
  • Main arteries
  • Waterways
  • Bus routing and student ride time
  • Neighborhood outlines
  • Student/county demographics

Interactive School Locator Maps
Use our SchoolSite Locator maps to view school zone information for a specific address. This allows families to look-up what school their household is assigned to, by simply clicking on a map, or typing in an address. Maps are available for current school zones, and proposed school zones, and are best viewed on desktop.

 Current School Zones    Proposed School Zones

Current and Proposed Zone Comparison Maps © 2019 Flagler County Public Schools.