Café EDU Food Services Update

Café EDU Food Services Update
Posted on 08/13/2021
Café EDU Food Services UpdateAs the world continues to deal with supply chain issues, the leadership team at Café EDU hasn’t escaped the effects that have come with such a universal disruption. With issues along the supply chain at the global, national, and local level that relate to equipment, materials, transportation and even people, flexibility is key.

The Café EDU on-site managers at our nine Flagler Schools are empowered to make sure that every student coming through the line gets a nutritious meal, and for the 2021–2022 school year, that meal will be free as well. This may mean substitutions for planned menu items.  

“As we navigate these difficult times, changes to our menus may be required,” said Craig Medvid, Food Service Specialist. Medvid is responsible for Logistics and Procurement for Café EDU. “Quite simply, if we can’t get something, we can’t serve it.” But that isn’t deterring Medvid from being aggressive in his approach to food supplies. “We will continue to pull from all available resources to provide healthy and nutritious meals to our students.”  

“We exist for and are committed to feeding our students every day. That may take some creativity and resourcefulness in the coming months.” Angela Bush, Food Services Director at Café EDU said. “Thank you in advance for your patience with menu changes and substitutions as we work through this together.”  

If you have any questions for Café EDU’s leadership team, please reach out to them at 386-437-7526, extension 1159, or email [email protected]. © 2022 Flagler Schools