Option #1 Traditional School FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional School Frequently Asked Questions
(Updated July 14, 2020)

  • (New 7/14) Are Face Coverings Required?
    Face coverings (when social distancing is not feasible)

    • Required for all staff and visitors.
    • Required for students 3rd grade and up.
    • Strongly encouraged for students in grades Pre-K through 2nd.
    • Individuals with an underlying health condition which prevents them from wearing a face covering would be exempt.


  • (New 7/9) Do students who are attending a school as a choice option lose their spots if they enroll in iFlagler and then want to return to the choice school at the end of the semester or year?
    Students on choice at schools listed at capacity whose parent or guardian chooses to enroll them in iFlagler Virtual Instruction during the COVID-19 event will be allowed to return to their choice status at the school they were attending prior to transfer to iFlagler during the 2020-21 school year.

    Students who withdraw to a setting outside of Flagler Schools, including homeschool, will need to reapply for choice and be subject to available capacity.

    (At its July 21st meeting the School Board will formally consider this Hold Harmless Protocol During COVID-19.)

  • (New 7/9) Are the IB, AICE, or Flagship programs available through iFlagler?
    No. IB and AICE are international programs and must adhere to the requirements set forth by the program organizations. Flagship programs are specialized programs available only at schools.

  • What are my choices for sending my children back to school in August?
    Students will have 2 options: traditional school or iFlagler Virtual School.

  • What will traditional school look like?
    Students will be back on campus. We will be encouraging social distancing, wearing face masks, regular hand-washing, and staying home when sick.

  • Will students/teachers be required to wear face coverings?
    Face coverings are strongly encouraged.

  • Is the district providing masks?
    Yes. If a student needs a face covering, one will be provided.

  • Where will they eat lunch?
    Students will be able to eat lunch in the cafeteria and schools are exploring outdoor seating areas where feasible.

  • Are you doing temperature checks?
    We will be asking students and staff to self-screen before arriving on campus. Screening criteria will be provided to parents before the start of school.

  • What if someone in their class gets sick?
    The district is finalizing a COVID-19 response plan in partnership with the Department of Health.

  • Will you be practicing social distancing?
    Yes, where feasible.

  • Will children ride buses?
    Transportation will still be provided, but we are asking parents to consider transporting their children to school when feasible.
    (Buses will be disinfected each day.)

  • Will I still be allowed to walk my child to his classroom? Eat lunch with my child?
    Until further notice, non-essential visitors will not be allowed in the schools.

  • Will we still meet the teacher?
    Each school is developing a plan for the best way to meet teachers.

  • How often will classrooms be cleaned?
    Classrooms will be cleaned each day. Common touch points will be cleaned throughout the day.

  • Will there still be after-school activities and extended day?
    At this point, yes.

  • Will my child still have recess/PE?

  • How will teachers handle classroom supplies?
    The sharing of supplies will be discouraged.

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