School Buses and the Heat

School Buses and the Heat
Posted on 08/14/2019

Flagler Schools wants parents of children who ride the bus home from school to know about a temporary change in policy.

Normally, the drivers would wait at the schools and leave buses, and therefore, the air conditioners off until all children were on board. This limited the amount of exhaust produced at our bus areas on campus. Beginning today, that policy will change so that the buses will be started and the air conditioning will begin running five minutes before the students are released at the end of the day. We will strive to get our bus riders onto their buses quickly so their exposure to that exhaust is kept to a minimum.

As you all are aware, we have been in an extreme heatwave these last few days. If the air conditioning system is running on a bus, the windows on that bus must remain up. The AC on our buses cannot begin to cool down the air if the windows are open. For the ten to fifteen buses we use on regular routes which do not have air conditioning, the windows of those buses will always be lowered, weather permitting.

Eating and drinking on the bus is a direct violation of our Student Code of Conduct. However, we will allow students to drink water while on the bus. Any horseplay on the bus is subject to disciplinary action. 

Flagler Schools hopes these steps, which will remain in effect until the end of September, will alleviate any concerns you may have about your children as they get home on these extremely hot days. © 2019 Flagler County Public Schools.