Executive Team

Executive Team

We focus on meeting the needs of our communities, excellence inside and outside the classroom, and providing opportunities for all students. 
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Flagler School District Pillar
Superintendent: James Tager
Implements the school board's vision by ensuring the board is informed about about the district's needs, operations and activities.

Teaching & Learning: Executive Director Diane Dyer
Support activities and functions related to the school's curriculum, instructional design, and assessments practices that guide and ensure teacher effectiveness and student learning.

Leadership & Operation: Executive Director Dr. Earl Johnson
Supports activities and functions related to everyday operation within our district & schools. This pillar supports activities and functions related to managing and developing human capital resources and instilling shared values and beliefs about teaching and learning.

Student & Community Engagement: Executive Director Lynette Shott
Supports activities and functions related to community and parental understanding, awareness, and interaction with our schools.

Instructional & Operational Innovation: Executive Director Ryan Deising 
Supports activities and functions related to challenging the 21st century learning environment to personalize learning and provide services that ensure success for all students.

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