Schoology Guides

Schoology Guides

What is Schoology?
Schoology is the Flagler County Schools web-based Learning Management System used for grades K-12. It is an online platform teachers and students will use to share course materials, assignments, discussions, and assessments.

How do students access their accounts on a computer?
 Access Schoology
On the school-issued MacBook, students should log in to Chrome with their Flagler Schools Google account. After signing into Chrome, select Schoology from the Flagler Bookmarks dropdown on the bookmarks bar.

On any computer, students will go to to log in. They will be prompted to log in with their school google account. 

How do students access Schoology on an iPad or Mobile device?
 iPad Schoology
On the school-issued iPad or any mobile device, sign in through the Schoology app. Select sign in through school, enter your school name and select the option with the 9-digit zip code. Sign in with your school Google account.

Is there a Schoology help site?
Yes! Please visit the Schoology Help Center for students to access how-to guides and other help with your Schoology student account. © 2019 Flagler County Public Schools.