Flagler Community (FCTT)

Flagler Community (FCTT)

The mission of FCTT is to facilitate a forum for communication, cooperation and collaboration among multidisciplinary agencies and community businesses serving the youth of Flagler County. The intent of the mission effort is to achieve community business and interagency networking to improve career opportunities for successful transition to gainful employment.

This Flagler Community Transition Team first came together in the school year of 2002-2003. Since then the team has been meeting once a month or quarterly throughout the school year. Early on Partners-In-Transition (PIT), and more recently Project 10 Transition Education Network, have guided us in setting goals and taking action steps to create smooth transitions for students with disabilities from high school to independence and full community inclusion. Statistics of the under- and unemployed status of these individuals are simply unacceptable. The team realizes that becoming independent with higher living standards includes all of the following:

Higher Education
Specific Trade/Vocational Skills
Independent Living Skills
Health Skills
Identifying Funding Resources
Emotional Stability/Care
Community Connection
Local Business Connection
Support Groups
Recreational Resources
Disability Civil Rights

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For further information about Flagler County's Transition Programs, please contact Dr. Kimberli L. Halliday or (386) 446-6742.

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