Flagler Schools Prepares for 2nd Semester

Flagler Schools Prepares for 2nd Semester
Posted on 12/04/2020

In response to Emergency Order 7 released by Gov. DeSantis and Commissioner Corcoran on November 30th, Flagler Schools is moving forward with planning for our second semester, which begins January 20, 2021. We are currently working with our school-based leaders so we can submit our Spring Education Plan before the December 15th deadline. 

We welcome the decision to keep our RemoteLive option for our families. Students making adequate progress in RemoteLive may remain in that learning lane. For those students who have not made adequate progress in their core academic classes, we will welcome them back to our brick-and-mortar setting for the second semester. This is laid out in the Emergency Order. We have identified these students and we will be contacting them next week.  

Flagler Schools currently has 66% of our students in our traditional learning lane. We have 26% of our students taking part in the RemoteLive option (real-time, live-streaming). 8% are enrolled in our iFlagler virtual education program.

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