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Matanzas High School Threat: 2/2/23

Matanzas High School Threat: 2/2/23

A person called Matanzas High School on February 2, 2023 specifying a threat off-campus. The school immediately notified the Flagler County Sheriff's Office, which began an investigation. Our understanding is the FCSO then received a call from the same phone number, where the caller made a bomb threat to MHS. The school security team, in conjunction with the FCSO, did a sweep and did not find anything suspicious.

FCSO cleared the threat at 11:10.

These prank phone calls are extremely frustrating to our administrators, teachers, staff, parents, and students. Even if a threat is deemed “not credible,” it causes a disruption to our school day, not to mention the mental toll it takes on many. The safety and security of our campuses and everyone on them is so important.

We thank our parents, staff, and students for their understanding when we deal with fast-changing events such as what happened today.