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Matanzas High School Lockdown: 1/25/23

Matanzas High School Lockdown: 1/25/23

At 11:00 this morning, an unidentified individual called the Matanzas High School front office and reported a bomb was on the campus of the school. School administrators placed the campus on “Code Blue,” and the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office was notified. Based on information in the phone call, students in building 5 were relocated to the school gymnasium and auditorium. The rest of the school was told to remain in place. An isolated K9 search of the campus was conducted.

At 12:45, the “all clear” was given after the FCSO K9 was used and it was determined there was no explosive device.

We commend the students and staff who acted quickly when asked to relocate or remain in place. While it was a stressful situation, their cooperation allowed for a quick resolution by giving the FCSO deputies the space to do their job without added distractions.

Flagler Schools strives to offer a safe learning environment for our students and employees.

We will assist Sheriff Staly and his investigators in any way possible to locate and prosecute the person responsible for this disruption of the school day.