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Elevating Excellence Award: September

Group of adults standing to present large check

Flagler Schools leadership and employees join the Superintendent to congratulate Ms. Morris.

Two adults in conversation

Superintendent Mittelstadt presents Mindy Morris with the September "Elevating Excellence" Award.

Superintendent Cathy Mittelstadt was looking for a unique way to honor employees in the Flagler County School District as we entered the 2022-23 school year. It hit her as the district rolled out its theme for the year, “Elevating Excellence.”

“As a district, we really want to value our employees when we think about climate and culture,” says Superintendent Mittelstadt. “In order to do that, you need to recognize greatness in what people are doing, just in the sense of them going above and beyond. That’s where our theme, Elevating Excellence, led to establishing the Elevating Excellence Award.

Principals and directors from across the district nominated many deserving people, but in the end, Mindy Morris was chosen as the inaugural winner.

Dr. Kimberli Halliday, Director of Exceptional Student Education nominated Morris. Her nomination form read as follows: 

“Mindy created a Behavior Referral Program for supporting students in the MTSS process and Students with Disabilities. This program has every step necessary to assist a full school-based team in meeting each student's individual behavioral needs.  Mindy trained school/district leadership and instructional/support staff through district-wide training.  

Mindy also fine-tuned a level system supporting our students served in behavior cluster programs. This level system provides students with disabilities a research-based ABA-supported process for acquiring the skills they need to succeed in the general education setting. She coordinated school-based trainings and provides technical assistance to be sure the programs are implementing the strategies with fidelity.”

Superintendent Mittelstadt singled out Morris for her work in forming this program that will help staff as well as students across our district.

This will be a monthly award, and winners receive a modest award from the Flagler County Education Foundation.