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Teachers, Employees, and Rookies of the Year: 2022–23

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Flagler Schools celebrates our Teachers and Employees of the Year. And, for the first time, we’re honoring our “Rookie” Teachers of the Year! These are the top teachers in their first two years of teaching, as identified by their school leaders.

Each campus and/or department named their respective winners over the past month. And on January 18, 2023, we will bring them all together to celebrate them and announce our District Teacher and Employee of the Year. These two individuals will then represent Flagler Schools on the statewide level. The Gala starts at 6:30 pm and is open to the public. There is no admission charge to attend.

Congratulations to all our winners!

2022–23 Winners

Teachers of the Year

  • Jennifer Halsey, WES
  • Laura Hibbard, BTMS
  • Stacy Johnson, OKES
  • Dana Lique, iFlagler
  • Robyn McAnany, BTES
  • Ken Rucker, FTC
  • Carrie Schell, FPCHS
  • Laura Shanley, ITMS
  • Julie Sheffield, BES
  • Judy White, RES
  • Brice Winfree, MHS

Rookies of the Year

  • Zach Berwaldt, ITMS
  • Tyler Bethea, MHS
  • Tegan Gardner, BTMS
  • Sarah Paddock, FPCHS
  • Serena Pezzullo, WES
  • Emily Presswood, RES
  • Juliet Sattar, BTES
  • Roxianne Smith, BES
  • Jessica Stone, OKES

Employees of the Year

  • Holly Blair, BTES
  • Juliana Burnns, RES
  • Sabrina Hollyfield, ITMS
  • Amy Ippolito, iFlagler
  • Susan Johnson, FTC
  • Linda Longo, FPCHS
  • Kari Pierce, BES
  • Maria Sanfilippo, BTMS
  • Rodney Schroeder, WES
  • Paula Teixeira, MHS
  • Christine Wyatt, OKES
  • Kim Anderson, GSB (Human Resources)
  • Steven Anuszczyk, Transportation Services
  • Renee Berry, Custodial Services
  • Brett Galt, Plant Services
  • Celia Lizardo, Food and Nutrition Services
  • Elsie Stinton, Technology/IS